Information technology has never been more critical to enabling retailer success than in modern times. Columbus Consulting helps retailers and brands sort through their processes and systems to best align solutions and solution providers that solve for their challenges and deliver the results they truly need. We are experienced with: enterprise resource planning (ERP), IT assessment, road mapping, program/ project management, security, compliance, systems selection, implementation and integration. 


Andrea Auchterlonie

Angie Howe

Anne Gallutia

Anuj Shah, Ph.D.

Brad Sterling

Brenda Fite

Brian Barnett

Bruce Watson

Caryl Paez

Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski

Cynthia Shaw

Daniel Eads

Daniel McCarthy

David Hunter

David Schmitz

Donna Lekites

Donna Remillard

Drew Achabal

Drew Wilmot

Elaine Parisio

Eric Bunfill

Floro Crisostomo

Fred Northcutt

Gary Hull

Giovanni Bencomo

Henry Sands

Jack Dinan

Jarrod Rywolt

Jay Sharma

Jeff Fisher

Jeff Gragg

Jeffrey Musik

Jim Brownell

Jim Loeffler

Joe Wood

John Gorrilla

John Phillips

Joseph Mathis

Justin Perzov

Karl Gillam

Katrina Mossman

Len Jacaruso

Lisa Staples

Lou Sterzenbach

Marc Reifeis

Matthew King

Michael Krenesky

Michael Wright

Michele Harris

Mike Morris

PollyAnn Mapes

Rahul Shekatkar

Reshma Pandya

Richard Von Hirschberg

Robert Feuerman

Sam Taylor

Steve Turchan

Stuart Tattum

Sunil Verma

Sunita Gupta

Susan Faure

Susan Maresca Gang

Susan Ramroop

Terrance Young

Tim Phelan

Tito Thomas

Tom McFadden

Tuncay Tekle

Waleed Abbas

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