Jon Beck

“We are proud to be trusted advisors who deliver value to our clients through our team of thoughtful and experienced industry experts”. Jon Beck, CEO

Columbus Consulting is the ideal partner for any business ready to:

  • Develop and coordinate processes that streamline collaboration and execution; 
  • Integrate technology that makes the biggest impact at the lowest cost;
  • Make intelligent decisions efficiently by aligning them to core business strategy.

Columbus Consulting provides teams with unrivaled specialization from experts that have direct experience managing businesses and operations across the retail, wholesale and consumer goods landscape. It’s our priority that each consultant deeply understands the connection between vision, strategy and execution at the business and functional level. It’s for this reason that the vast majority of Columbus consultants have previously held senior-level positions in the industry. 

We are passionate problem-solvers and experts who develop deep relationships with our clients and share their excitement for improvement and growth. Our consultants know you and your business intimately, so they can deliver on your expectations on time and on budget. 

We don’t only deliver great value and ROI as a result of our projects; we are also committed to helping clients find solutions that work for them, and in doing so overcome growing pains and adapt to new challenges. We know change can be difficult, and we’re committed to transparency to protect you from risks and unwelcome surprises. 

We’re here to turn your goals into a clear vision and strategy, and then help you prioritize, select, implement and sustain complex solution roadmaps – all the way from design to delivery.

Because of our commitment to your goals, 96% of projects we take on result in subsequent engagements. Let’s connect to learn how we can help your organization.

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