Columbus Consulting, a leading retail consulting practice, has been transforming the retail, grocery and CPG industries from strategy through implementation. We aren’t just retail consultants, we are industry experts who actually practiced our trade and pride ourselves on trust and integrity. When you work with us, you enter a community of like-minded professionals who support and develop one another to stay at the forefront of our industry. For over 20 years, we have helped companies with assortment planning, inventory planning, demand planning, unified commerce consulting, store systems consulting, FP&A consulting, IT consulting, data analytics consulting, digital transformation and more.

Our team seeks to establish and maintain long-lasting retail relationships based on the practical solutions, measurable returns and quality of work that we consistently deliver to our colleagues. That’s why we have over a 96% re-engagement rate with our clients. Find out why a career in retail consulting can be your next chapter.


Executive Consultant 

Columbus Consulting is searching for an Executive Consultant with ten (10) or more years of experience to deliver professional management consulting services. Consultants will work remotely or from a client’s headquarters. Experience in the retail industry and a proven track record in the consulting industry are a plus.


Columbus Consulting is searching for an Consultant with five (5) or more years of experience to deliver professional management consulting services.  Consultants will work remotely or from a client’s headquarters. Experience in the retail industry and a proven track record in the consulting industry are a plus.

Why work with us

Our retail consultants work with us because we are different. We know that the sum of our parts is greater than another consultant’s whole. Our community of experienced professionals don’t just sit at the table, they have actually sat at our clients’ desks and work side by side with them to get the job done.

Our consultants are passionate, love to learn and support one another at all levels to deliver the highest quality work day in and day out.

When you work with Columbus Consulting, you will learn the questions to ask to find the right solutions that drive value and results. You’ll be a key member of a business team and have the autonomy, flexibility and support you need to succeed both professionally and personally.

Our Culture

We embrace a culture that respects and creates an environment where our experts can enjoy career flexibility by providing an eco-system that balances supply and demand workflow.

Our fully-remote organizational structure was ahead of its time, allowing for us to attract the best talent all over the world. From Contractors to Partners, your career path at Columbus is nimble and definable. We support new ideas, entrepreneurial initiatives and all levels of input.

We don’t approach our profession like cookie-cutter competitors who assign a fixed team, send in alternate talent to do the work and leave clients with a huge deck of things they need to do. Instead, we deliver curated talent unique to every project and client culture. We employ big-picture thinking, have a hands-on approach, embrace a customer-centric view to every business and remain software and systems agnostic to always serve our customers first.

Our people are our business. We invest in and respect them. Your success is our success and we value that.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Check out Columbus Consulting’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and across our relationships with clients and partners.

Why We Love Columbus:

"I felt very fortunate to be hired and feel absolutely the same way 13 years later. CCI is family and truly cares for its people."
"Columbus Consulting creates an opportunity for continuous learning from some of the greatest talent in retail."
"The possibilities are endless and you can really decide the level of opportunities you'd like to pursue based on the lifestyle you want to achieve."
Rick’s vision of a collection of experienced independent team members was the key to CCI back then and now.
You have the opportunity to earn as much money as you want or to choose lifestyle.
"High integrity, excellent reputation in the industry."

Why We Love Consulting:

"The flexibility, the pay and the ability to make
improvements/changes for companies that actually
WANT my help."
"Reward for efforts; independence; entrepreneurial
opportunities; helping people and organizations without so much of the corporate politics."
“Ability to do the work I love, meet and help different clients and continue learning new technologies and processes.”


Columbus Consulting prides itself on providing opportunities for trainings and learning sessions. We support our community of retail consultants with lunch and learns, staying relevant sessions, vendor certifications and mutual colleague support.

Sonia Hernandez

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Considering a Career in Retail Consulting?

This is a must watch Q&A video session with Columbus Consulting’s Associate Partner, Heather Korner, on what to ask and consider before making your decision.

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