For over 20 years Columbus Consulting has been helping retailers achieve their business goals. Unlike other consultants, Columbus was founded by Rich Amari as a resource for retailers by retailers….we know retail, because we did retail. Our partners and consultants came from the retail industry and held senior level positions. These are the same folks who assess, recommend and implement solutions that drive results for every client we work for. 

We know that finding practical solutions to business problems is what companies need. Sure, we can build thick powerpoint decks and spend hours of time in meetings that leave you with more work, but how does that help you? Our teams work side by side with you and operate as part of your team. We are systems agnostic and will only recommend what you need, not what we want to sell you. Refreshing, right? 

Our story is simple. We are practicing retailers who love retail. We take pride in our client’s success and that’s it. And, after 20 years, over 300 clients and a network of hundreds of top industry talent, that seems to be working. 

But don’t believe everything you read, watch our video and see for yourself.

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