Our retail consultants combine our expertise in data and analytics with our industry experience to evaluate and provide measurable and predictive business solutions. We are applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver retail transformation across the industry and offer services in: assortment, size/pack optimization, customer data management, inventory optimization, lifecycle price optimization, data governance, product information management, reporting and analytics. From data acquisition to business decisions, we can help your brand get to the next level.

Andrea Auchterlonie

Anuj Shah, Ph.D.

Beth Flynn

Brian Barnett

Cat Van Dyck

Claudia Andrade

Dale Cade

Dave Edwards

Dave Wargo

Floro Crisostomo

Fred Northcutt

Garvi Koushik

Gary Hull

George Basham

Helene Trontz

Jack Dinan

Jason Gillespie

Jenni Morey

Jim Loeffler

Joe Blanding

John Gorrilla

Justin Perzov

Katrina Mossman

Kavindra Malik

Kristin Paulsen

Lane Wilson

PollyAnn Mapes

Roula Heleiwa

Sam Fayez Ph.D.

Sonia Hernandez

Stuart Leighty

Susan Ramroop

Toffy Salazar

Tuncay Tekle

Waleed Abbas

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