Data Driven Hybrid Consultant With Proven Track Record

Sam Fayez is a senior consultant with 20 years of dual experience and value delivery in Supply Chain and Data Science, providing impactful solutions across multiple industries, end to end supply chain practices, and diverse logistics operations. Sam has successfully completed more than 75 projects worldwide, delivering sustainable financial and operational improvements, improving end-to-end supply chain resilience and agility, increasing clients’ analytics maturity level and continuum, and providing a proven path to monetize data through applied data science and supply chain best practices. Sam holds Digital Transformation micro master from Stanford University and Ph.D. in Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization from the University of Central Florida.


  • Tapestry – Lead Consultant
    • Supply Chain resilience and agility optimization focusing on earlier delay prediction and disruption/risk mitigation
  • Bestseller – Data Science Lead
    • Retail reorder system for 9k stores and multiple e-comm channels, focusing on re-engineering of supply chain and dropship logistics, in-season assortment optimization, and lead-time reduction
  • Allianz – Technical Lead
    • Last-mile delivery optimization and digital platform, focusing on circular supply chain and multi-company collaboration
  • Eastman – Lead Consultant
    • Supplier-Factory-DC order mix, replenishment, inventory and lead time optimization
  • NASA – Project Manager & Technical Lead
    • End-to-End Space exploration supply chain digital twin and simulation


  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Data Science
  • Advanced & Visual Analytics
  • Digital Transformation


  • Strategy
  • Data
  • Process & KPIs
  • Data Science Monetization
  • Technology Implementation
  • Retail Consultant


  • Tapestry
  • Bestseller
  • Disney
  • NASA
  • Amazon
  • Eastman

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