From source to shelf Columbus Consulting helps retailers like you with all of your supply chain needs. Our team of industry experts have all personally solved for business challenges around the globe. Our services include: global trade management, compliance, product lifecycle management, sourcing,  PO management, supplier and vendor management, transportation and warehouse management. We can help you diversify your factory portfolio, alleviate geo-political risk, optimize your efficiencies, reduce waste and gain end-to-end visibility that can safeguard your business.


Drew Achabal

Eric Bunfill

Kavindra Malik

Phillip Brown

Richard Pedott

Stuart Leighty

Stuart Tattum

Tom McFadden


Bruce Watson

Cynthia Shaw

Dale Cade

Derek Durley

Fiona Ghosh

Jayne Twaddle

Jeffrey Musik

Jim Brownell

John Romeis

Kam Johal

Kathy Beck

Katy Keane

Mike Morris

Mike Tripp

Nancy Marino

Robin Gray

Sam Fayez Ph.D.

Steve Turchan

Tom Slone

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