Seasoned Retail Executive – Omni-Channel and Supply Chain

Jim has over 40 years of experience in retail: Stores; Ecommerce; Omni, Fulfillment, Planning, Allocation and Replenishment; and Supply Chain from manufacturer to retailer. Responsible for multiple technology and business strategic planning initiatives.


  • American Freight and Furniture – Chief Operating Officer – All functions supported.
    • Working for Private Equity ownership and responsible for preparing the company for a potential sale.  During my tenure, I retooled the complete company organization structure, added transportation, Planning and forecasting and replenishment, implemented a full Business Intelligence reporting suite and a complete ERP/POS/Ecommerce technology solution
  • Bare Essentials – CIO/Responsible for all CIO functions reporting to the corporate CIO at Shiseido HQ’s
    • Responsible for implementing a Saleforce-based CRM solution, including wholesale order management
  • Williams Sonoma – CIO
    • Developed a company-wide technology three-year strategic plan
  • Manhattan Associates – VP-Retail Strategy
    • Was responsible of bringing Distributed Order Management, Demand Forecasting and Replenishment and Merchandise Planning products to the suite of solutions.
  • Harbor Freight Tools
    • Implemented Warehouse Management from Manhattan Associates and Point of Sale solution from Aptos Solutions
  • GreyOrange – Partner/GO5 Strategic Consulting team responsible for large, complex automation projects for fortune 50 retailers
    • Developed a 12-week fast-paced schedule to implement a fully automated Pick, pack and ship operation.  The solution was implemented in a regional mall-based dark store. Target fulfillment SLA of  12k order/day. The solution was producing 20k orders/day T+2 weeks after the initial implementation


  • Omni-Channel – Customer facing systems – POS, Ecommerce, Marketplace
  • Order Management 
  • Strategy
  • Supply Chain and Fulfillment


  • Strategic Planning
  • Company Leadership – Business Management
  • Information Technology Strategic Planning
  • Organization Development
  • Retail Consultant


  • The GAP
  • Williams Sonoma
  • Manhattan Associates
  • American Freight and Furniture
  • GreyOrange Robotics

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