Change Leader/Facilitator and Strategic Planner

Jill is a resourceful and experienced professional with a background overseeing various senior level planning activities. She is skilled at translating expressed needs into strategies and frameworks, then coordinating with business leadership teams. She has a proven history of assessing needs, managing change and driving improvements. Jill has held roles that allow her to understand and facilitate end-to-end supply chain flow.


  • ADUSA Supply Chain –  Operations – Strategic Planning Manager
    • Pioneered, developed and implemented strategic initiatives including 3-5 year capital plans, Business Systems and IT Portfolio Partnership and Management, and Business Continuity and Contingency Planning.  Led multiple cross-functional forums to achieve outcomes.   
  • ADUSA Supply Chain – Demand Planning Manager
    • Stood up a team of 10 demand planners in partnership with Food Lion Brand.  Innovated to create efficiencies in current forecasting practices, developed expertise in Computer Assisted Ordering, and prepared to install/leap to an Automated Forecast and Replenishment Platform.  
  •  Retail Business Services – Organizational Development Consultant
    • Worked with all organizational levels to develop leadership and capacity for change.  Highlights include Food Lion Cultural Change work and Supply Chain of the Future design and execution.
  • Hannaford Bros. – Category Manager/ Marketing Analyst/ Retail Store Director
    • Practical experience in core business functions.  Created Nature’s Place Store within a Store, negotiated a multi-year multi-million spice contract, led the transition to Hannaford Brand Private Brand Products, and successfully ran high-volume seasonal stores. Developed and promoted many people.


  • Supermarket Industry
  • End-to-End Supply Chain
  • Retail and Distribution Operations


  • Understanding People Systems
  • Process Consultation and Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Program/Project Management
  • Helping Leaders Lead
  • Retail Consultant


  • ADUSA Supply Chain 
  • Retail Business Services
  • Food Lion
  • Hannaford

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